the new kim hargreaves

seen the new collection?
what's up with the ruffles?

i'm kinda on the fence about them... i like them but would i want to knit / wear them? not sure... nothing really jumped out at me in this collection, although the knits and styling are beautiful, as always...

maybe this one...?

or too dumpy / frumpy? also, i'm not sure i'm crazy about the gathered sleeves... the last collections have been full of them!

what do you think?


i must have a blue problem

more blue - can you believe it?

child's placket neck pullover for a friend who's preggers.. i'm knitting this in berroco comfort, which is a nylon / acrylic blend and i love it! so nice and soft and washable. i never thought i'd say that about nylon and acrylic, but there you have it. i've only got 2 balls of it, so i hope that's enough!

and just so you don't think i'm only working on blue projects, here's a shot of some of my WIPs, nicely lined up on the bookshelf where the dogman and kittygirl can't get them.

i had such a nice time back home with my family and friends it was heartwrenching to come back to the desert, but such is life... some parting shots from virginia:

last 2 photos courtesy of my bff - she really is an amazing photgrapher - check her out!!


blue mood (2nd edition)

this seriously put me in a blue mood...

what's up allhemp6? why are you the hardest yarn in the world to wind up?? okay, okay, maybe it's not just you... i had 1) gotten no sleep, 2) spent the day either working in the lab or working my ass of in the hot sun 3) just sweated out 2 gallons of water at the climbing gym 4) replaced that water with a strong-ass margarita (and a beer) 5) flung you over the yarn swift and started cranking hastily-away on my ball winder. the result? a tangled f-ing mess and, i'm ashamed to say, tears of frustration. i'm still not done unraveling this hank, but i did manage to wind up one of the other skeins and start on my hemp ponchette. kpixie got this to me lickity split - no shit! this is (will be) a fun (and hopefully fast) little project. i'm liking the hemp yarn, by the way, although it is stiff and has a sort of waxy feel to it, almost like dental floss or something...

maybe i can force myself to keep chugging along on this one...

blue mood

part of the reason i can't stop casting on is due to the amazing yarns and patterns and ideas i have all around me - not a bad thing, in my opinion. but it does mean that i get kind of knit greedy and hyper and stutter-y, like i can't wait to make everything all at once. it almost causes me a little anxiety which is stupid because i started knitting to take away anxiety. but but but i really want to make all these things and experiment with different yarns. and i'm sorry (fad classic) if i can't remain faithful to one project. it's killing me that all i have left to do is the ribbing around your neckline - but i just can't seem to do it!!

this is part of the reason why:

i ordered this yarn from the plucky knitter and fell in love with it instantly! thank you plucky knitter - for making such beautiful yarn and for getting it to me so quickly! check out her shop if you get a chance... there's 900 yds of soft, moody blues in that there skein. i am absolutely thrilled with the subtle color variations and it looks great knit up... see:

one day this will become a soft, light, totally luxurious Print O' the Wave stole. i'm not much of a lace knitter (and i tried this pattern once with no luck), but i'm really enjoying it this time around. also, i'm getting much better at recognizing and fixing mistakes, so i don't have to frog the whole thing if i look down to find my stitch count is off.. i hope those aren't "famous last words", as my mother would say.

well, i'm off to the SE to be with the family, get back to my roots, re-develop an accent, eat lots of good food, and be totally separated from my normal hectic life. i can't wait and i hope to get lots of knitting done. now i just have to decide what to take with me... what i haven't shown you are the 15 million other WIPs i have going right now (oh but i will, soon enough...)

back in a week!

p.s. random sidenote: i just ordered this skirt from sierra trading post. i paid $19, it came 2 days later and i can't take it off. in case you were interested :)


can't. stop. casting. on. help!

i've just cast on for:

print o' the wave (again)

saturday market bag (i'm hoping it will be as totally awesome as this one)

elfine's socks (using some very purty lorna's laces from the stash)

and... i just ordered the allhemp ponchette from kpixie. help!

oh, and i'm trying my hardest not to cast on for this or for another one of these... knitting gods, give me strength! and one more thing... i'm *this* close to finishing my purple fad classic and i think i'm going to love it. must force myself to finish the ribbing on that!!!

back with pictures soon! exclamation point!