blue mood

part of the reason i can't stop casting on is due to the amazing yarns and patterns and ideas i have all around me - not a bad thing, in my opinion. but it does mean that i get kind of knit greedy and hyper and stutter-y, like i can't wait to make everything all at once. it almost causes me a little anxiety which is stupid because i started knitting to take away anxiety. but but but i really want to make all these things and experiment with different yarns. and i'm sorry (fad classic) if i can't remain faithful to one project. it's killing me that all i have left to do is the ribbing around your neckline - but i just can't seem to do it!!

this is part of the reason why:

i ordered this yarn from the plucky knitter and fell in love with it instantly! thank you plucky knitter - for making such beautiful yarn and for getting it to me so quickly! check out her shop if you get a chance... there's 900 yds of soft, moody blues in that there skein. i am absolutely thrilled with the subtle color variations and it looks great knit up... see:

one day this will become a soft, light, totally luxurious Print O' the Wave stole. i'm not much of a lace knitter (and i tried this pattern once with no luck), but i'm really enjoying it this time around. also, i'm getting much better at recognizing and fixing mistakes, so i don't have to frog the whole thing if i look down to find my stitch count is off.. i hope those aren't "famous last words", as my mother would say.

well, i'm off to the SE to be with the family, get back to my roots, re-develop an accent, eat lots of good food, and be totally separated from my normal hectic life. i can't wait and i hope to get lots of knitting done. now i just have to decide what to take with me... what i haven't shown you are the 15 million other WIPs i have going right now (oh but i will, soon enough...)

back in a week!

p.s. random sidenote: i just ordered this skirt from sierra trading post. i paid $19, it came 2 days later and i can't take it off. in case you were interested :)


At 9:48 AM , Blogger Specs said...

Hi! Just wanted so say: Oh wow. With those colors your stole is going to look fantastic!


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