turns out i am a sock knitter after all

i never ever thought i would get into socks, but as it turns out... i kinda like knitting them. in fact, i'm wearing my pair of plain stockinette koigu socks today and i love them. i wish i had 20 more pairs just like them! so far i have knitted 2.5 pairs of socks and have 2 more pairs on the needles right now. unfortunately, one pair i'm not really loving. the yarn, well, i'm just not feeling it. it's lornas laces and it's lovely, but the light purple / dark purple colors just aren't... quite... enough for me.. know what i mean? so what do i do? do i continue to knit them just because i know i'll enjoy having and wearing the socks (even though the knitting is not that fun)? do i frog and give away the yarn? should i try again with a pattern to see if that makes the project more interesting? i just don't know!

so, i've shelved that little project and now i'm knitting a pair of firestarter socks (ravelry link) with this green koigu. now i love me this yarn!! the colors are so vibrant and fun and the koigu is springy and soft. i'm struggling a tiny bit with the pattern, but i think it's going to work out in the end.. and i am so enamored of the gusset that i WILL make these socks!

hope everyone's having a great weekend!