a good saturday

i'm all by myself this saturday... and i couldn't be enjoying it more! after weeks of go go go go go go and leaving town every weekend, it is so nice to wake up late to a quiet house, make coffee, slowly come to life. i usually am not a big baker, but i felt like blueberry muffins so i made some.

then i felt like starting (another) knitting project, so i wound some yarn.

then i felt like finally getting around to blocking my FINISHED(!) lightweight pullover. so i did that too.

'course i did try it on before blocking... and it fits! it fits! it fits well! here's a little sneak peek:

then i wrote a long overdue email that ended up being pages and pages of catching up and musings and ramblings. hope i don't put my friend to sleep... anyway, it feels so nice to just be in the moment, doing what seems like the best thing to do at the time...

the last 2 saturdays have been spent out of town doing fun stuff like this:

climbing at the alabama hills (yet again). don't i kind of look like a spider?

backcountry skiing in the sierras. brought along my little buddy on his first backcountry trip.

while i think i have an adventurous spirit and a restless soul and i love to be out and about and going places, i guess i have to admit that i also love a quiet day at home in my jammies with greasy hair and fresh baked muffins. who doesn't?


At 7:07 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 8:23 PM , Blogger k said...

that pullover looks great! (not to mention, so do the muffins!) always love discovering a fellow crafty-person who also loves to play outside.


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