FO: Fad classic

okay, so this has been finished for, oh..., a year. but who's counting?? this is a pretty cool little knit. i love the way the pattern looks - almost like crochet - but i found it kinda tedious to knit. i would say that i loooooove the finished product, but it's just the teeniest tiniest bit too small. maybe i can try blocking it out a little wider? does that work with cotton?

i've got lots of things going onto and coming off of the needles. it's fun to be back in knitting-obsessed mode!


a good day

i came home on friday to nectar and my str... it was a good day... made even better by a beautiful evening and a g&t. awesome.

ok, off to bed. had a loooong day of hard climbing and i am burnt. hope everyone's having bright shining weekends!


striped gable

just to show that i still knit from time to time, check it out!:

(i can't help it - photobooth is just so easy)

it's a striped green gable, made with 2 shades (purplish - brown and purplish-pink) of brown sheep cotton fleece. this is going to an old friend who willed me the yarn. i told her i'd knit her something with it and... 1 year later... i'm actually doing it!

i caved

and bought nectar. god i have no will power whatsoever. and i reeeeaaally don't have the money to be buying this right now, but... it's pretty. and i like a lot of the designs.. i especially like these:

(all photos from kimhargreaves.co.uk - her designs are so clean and beautiful and functional and feminine, all at once...)

i can't wait 'til it arrives! now... what should i knit first??