Endings and beginnings

i've been waxing philosophical and feeling a bit nostalgic these days.. As my time as a grad student draws to a close (May 4 and i am done for good!), i'm starting to find it hard to think about letting go of my life here in the desert. my friends are so wonderful and my life is so rich and full of adventure. the mountains are out my back door and the rocks are plenty and fun to climb on (and study).

what will i do without my buddies? (i have girlfriends too, for the record :))

what will i do when i have to relocate? what happens when i can no longer ride my bike everywhere and i have to take into consideration the cold and the rain? i like T-shirts and flip flops and slow paces and the outdoors. i hate traffic and paperwork and dressing up and... i guess i'm having a temper tantrum because i equate those things with growing up and i don't want to grow up. i'm scared to not be a student any longer. student = young. being a student is like having a pass to live cheaply and simply and to be a bit brazen and irresponsible in your choices. not that i am... i've become pretty square, but it's part of my student mindset. aaaahhh, my student life is ending...

also ending is my time spent on the central park hoodie. it is done! finished! no longer a WIP!

i don't have much to say about it other than 1) i'm proud of it. i did a good job with the finishing (the side seams are totally invisible!). toot toot on my own horn. 2) i wish it were a little longer. 3) i wish it didn't make me look so square and pudgy. 3) cascade 220 is really a great value - no wonder everyone uses it. and 4) seaming really isn't that bad. i think there's a sick part of that actually like knitting in pieces and sewing them together.

needles: 8 (ribbing too)
yarn: cascade 220 (5 skeins?)
buttons: coconut buttons from Jo-Ann fabrics
time spent: not sure, but it was fast knitting
details: here

Henry was waay to cool for the photo shoot. he's, like, totally over it.

oh, and did i mention beginnings? there are some of those around here, too. for example, life with short hair! i cut it all off and i couldn't be happier. or, how 'bout some noro socks?

these are flying on US 2s and the silk garden sock is fun to knit with. in fact, i'm almost done with the second one already! i marvel and how i am even able to knit and write a dissertation at the same time (toot toot)!


At 11:19 AM , Blogger evergreenknits said...

Wow, your cardigan looks fantastic! and I'm so envious that you've found peace with seaming (seaming and I don't get along).

Do you know where you're going yet when you leave the desert?

At 1:13 PM , Anonymous mushinweaving@gmail.com said...

I graduated from UGA with a BS in Ecology about 10 years ago and I'm still living just like a student. The freedom continues and only grows better with age. Oh, and I'm moving to Tucson in 3 weeks to do some knitting!

At 5:30 PM , Blogger mel said...

I think I am reverting to your student mindset ;) Tired of doing the responsible adult thing - wah!! I think it all depends on your POV really, and your priorities (I have a feeling you will be just fine) Remember what makes you happiest! Where are you headed when you graduate?

And your cardigan is awesome!! (I love seaming too, weird, I know!)


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