i must have a blue problem

more blue - can you believe it?

child's placket neck pullover for a friend who's preggers.. i'm knitting this in berroco comfort, which is a nylon / acrylic blend and i love it! so nice and soft and washable. i never thought i'd say that about nylon and acrylic, but there you have it. i've only got 2 balls of it, so i hope that's enough!

and just so you don't think i'm only working on blue projects, here's a shot of some of my WIPs, nicely lined up on the bookshelf where the dogman and kittygirl can't get them.

i had such a nice time back home with my family and friends it was heartwrenching to come back to the desert, but such is life... some parting shots from virginia:

last 2 photos courtesy of my bff - she really is an amazing photgrapher - check her out!!


At 7:30 AM , Blogger a friend to knit with said...

quite the lineup of wip's!
sure hope you have enough yarn for your baby sweater...!

wow...your bff has an amazing gallery! beautiful work


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