catching up

i can't believe it, but i have a number of finished projects to show you! i feel like i haven't been knitting much lately, yet i have accumulated some finished knits... how did that happen?

first up: noro silk garden socks

pattern: basic top down with a ribbed cuff and a standard slipped stitch heel flap.
yarn: noro silk garden (duh) - 1 skein
needles: size 2 (or 1.5, not sure...)
size: cast on 64 sts
result: love! colorful and surprisingly soft.

next up: drops lace hat

pattern: drops slouchy lace hat
yarn: brown sheep cotton fleece, 1 skein, bright blue
needles: sizes 3 & 5
result: love! great summer hat (is that an oxymoron?)

lastly: lotus leaf mittens

pattern: lotus leaf mittens by elliphantom
yarn: louet gems fingering in red and sky blue
needles: size 2
result: love! (i realize this is a love-fest). they are a little snug in the thumb, but otherwise they fit perfectly. the pattern is wonderfully written and fun to knit. i didn't do the greatest job carrying the red yarn around to the start of each round, but i don't care. when i'm wearing them, i hardly notice the sloppy stitches.

whew! that was quite the back- log...

progress continues on some other projects, which i hope to post up soon. hope everyone is enjoying a fun and active summer!

p.s. eek! i almost forgot... i just spent a delightful weekend with evergreen knits and her husband camping and climbing outside of tucson. we had beautiful weather and tons of fun. if you're reading, thanks for driving down and hanging out hanna!!


At 1:34 PM , Blogger evergreenknits said...

hi there! what a wonderful weekend. and it was fabulously inspiring to see those mittens in person!

At 5:29 PM , Anonymous Tam said...

nice work! dig the socks! :)


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