how awesome is this!?

i was recently the lucky winner of a raffle prize from mel over at pipe dreams and purling plans! wanna see what i got??

a custom-made, just-for-me, needle roll from katrin at sew mad! i couldn't be more thrilled with the fabrics katrin chose (she knew that i loved turquoise and surprised me with these fabric combinations that i would have been hard-pressed to have chosen for myself).

my roll has 3 tiers of pockets which i will use to hold all of my circular needles. currently my needles are tangled and disorganized and messily spilling out of an under-sized canvas box. storing them in this roll will be a *huge* improvement.

and look how cute it is all rolled and tied up!

i love the pink polka-dot tie... and although you can't see this in my pictures, the craftmanship and attention to detail is astonishing. thank you mel and katrin!!