my life in a numbered list

hi! long time, no blog...

life has been an upside-down crazy whirlwind for the last few months. in a nutshell, here's what's been happening:

1. i finished my phd. incredible.

2. i started - and finished - a postdoctoral research position that was a BIG project crammed into a SHORT amount of time, so i was working like a freaking MANIAC for a while there... but it's mostly wrapped up now. just have to finish reducing the data and write the manuscript ;)

3. i co-led a field trip to the eastern sierras (my favorite place on earth, maybe) and snuck in a day of climbing at the beautiful alabama hills.

lone pine peak in center and whitney portal on the right. awesome storm that day.

the shark's fin. fun climbing in the alabama hills

4. i moved to LA. it's exciting. i miss the desert. i am still desert at heart.

recent shot of my 'best friend' shortly after a monsoon storm

5. there were going away parties galore (all of which strangely involved only me wearing costumes). i felt so warm and fuzzy and loved. i have terrific friends.

6. i'm starting a new postdoctoral position... in january! i pushed my start date back three months so that i could move, relax, write said manuscript, travel, climb, and see family. i'm 2 days into my "vacation" and i'm loving it!

7. i still knit. lots! right now i'm obsessing over the lightweight pullover. can't put it down! i've also knit up a bunch of hats, some of which i gave away before even snapping a picture, which i think is the best compliment you can give to a knitted hat! i'm still plugging away on muir and float and loving both. BUT, i am a very slooooow lace knitter.

kate gagnon osborn's herringbone hat - i DID get a pic of this one!

lumpy muir in plucky knitter laceweight merino

neck of lightweight pullover in classic elite fresco. love the yarn!

8. i'm looking for yarn shop recommendations for the LA area - any good ones?


At 5:42 PM , Blogger jillian said...

Whereabouts in LA, if I may ask? On the eastside (east of Glendale) I love Unwind (Burbank) and Abuelita's (South Pasadena).

PS. Pick up a Thomas Guide. It will be your new best friend :)

At 6:30 PM , Blogger rockbridge said...

thanks Jillian! I'm actually in Pasadena (does that really count as LA??), so I'll definitely check out Abuelita's. My boyfriend used to live in North Hollywood and I feel like maybe I've driven by Unwind, but I'm not sure... It's exciting to be in a place that has, well, just SO MUCH of everything!

At 8:04 PM , Blogger Bets said...

Congratulations on your phd! Good luck in LA! Beautiful pics - AL & the knitting :)

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