kinda lame, but with a few pictures

ugh, i've been in a bit of a knitting/blogging funk lately. it's partly just a function of being insanely busy and partly because i don't feel like i have much worth showing... i'm moving along slowly on my current projects (tree jacket, print o' the wave, woodland shawl, elfine sock, and the list goes on too long...), but they're all sitting around like rumply lumps and are so uninspiring to me right now. knits! why are you letting me down like this?! so let me show you what i have been up to:

that's right... working. LAME.

when not working, i have either been sloshing down waaaay too much beer or i've been out hiking / canyoneering. here, let me distract you with some shots from one of my latest trips:

and just so you don't think i've completely forgotten that this is a knitting blog... look! some yarn. in the upper left, you can even see one of the tweedy sleeves of my rams horn jacket. one day i will finish it! the teal heathered yarn on the left is some cascade i just ordered from webs. i was thinking central park hoodie, but now i'm not so sure... the purple is tahki cotton left over from my (finished! need pictures!) fad classic, and the green and blue on the right are socks that rock that i'll use to make another syncopated cap.

oh, yarn, i yearn to knit you, but there's just no time!!

hope everyone out there is enjoying a beautiful fall weekend,


p.s. i'm finally on ravelry now, and my name is thornydesertgirl - hope to get that updated eventually and to see you there!