crappiest picture ever

you've been warned - i apparently cannot photograph myself with the timer. all my pictures look like fuzzy crap. i'm hoping to get a better one, but here's the drops lace cardigan in all it's glory. i'm going to redo the button loops later to make them smaller and make the cardigan close tighter and neater. other than that, i'm really happy with it - turned out almost as well as i had hoped! and i wore it out of the house, so that's pretty huge...

i followed tha pattern exactly and it workout well.

Pattern: free from DROPS
yarn: Elsebeth Lavold silky wool, 6 skeins
needles: size 6 addis
mods: none!

i'm in the field collecting rocks until early June, so i'll write more then!!




well, it's been another busy week here in the desert. between the working and the softball and the trail running and the friends in town, i've barely had a moment to knit... oh, and i went to austin over the weekend for a mini family reunion. tons of fun, but now i need a vacation from my vacation. too much drinking / not enough sleep... i'm feeling totally scattered at the moment, so i need to organize my knitting world. i currently have on the needles:

1) fad classic
2) basalt tank (nearing completion - hoping it will look like this)
3) silk garden scarf (sort of like this one, only more rainbow colors - it's for a child)

wait... that can't be it, is that it??

i've recently finished my drops lace cardigan (here it is blocking):

i'm very proud of this one. i can't wait to get some decent pictures of it dry so you can see how pretty it is up close and see the lace pattern. i was nervous about knitting a DROPS pattern because no one seems to do it, but this went pretty smoothly. i'll post details once i get pictures of the finished finished object.

i also finished the other debbie bliss sock with cables down the sides. those are already in a drawer since it's a tad hot in the SW right now and looking at a wool sock makes me hyperventilate.

next up i'm thinking of knitting this (free at IK):

i wish the pictures weren't so washed out. i like the shape of the top and it looks so easy to wear, but i'm thinking of doing it in a blue color and perhaps leaving off the little cap sleeves. plus, my lys carries berroco cotton twist and touche and they're reasonably cheap. (i'm on a kick where i use the called-for yarns - not very original i know..)

finally, i will leave you with a picture of what can happen when things go wrong playing softball. ouch! this was a real zinger. almost 2 weeks have past since i was beaned with the ball and i still have a monster of a bruise. you could even see the laces of the ball in my arm. i'm not gonna lie, i wore this bruise with pride. we were league champs again after all!

back soon with pics of the cardigan and the basalt tank, i hope!



rusted root

so this isn't a new FO, but i can't seem to get pictures of it that i like. so i've given up and here are the pictures, for better or worse...

pattern: rusted root from the girls at zephyrstyle
yarn: brown sheep cotton fleece, 3 skeins of blue-grey color (lost the bands)
needles: size 6 bamboo circs
mods: lengthened the torso a bit

let me say i loved knitting this! it was fast and easy, the yarn is great (and cheap!) and the lace keeps it interesting without being frustratingly hard. it fits and i've worn it a few times already. it's comfortable and cute and not too warm, even in the desert with a camisole underneath. so what don't i like about it?? i feel like the style of it makes me look top-heavy. and these photos make it look even worse. [i swear it's cuter in real life!! either that or i'm completely deluded]. i think the reason is that the neckline is too high. i'd like this sweater a lot more if the neckline were a little wider and lower, or just more open in general. that would probably be easy to modify and the next time i knit a top down raglan i will be making sure to check that as i go.

see what i mean about top-heavy?

i do love the color, though... it's oddly kind of true to life in this mirror-shot-at-night.

this is totally off the subject but for some reason i feel an urge to put it out there. i'm not accustomed to being single, having been in one serious relationship or another practically since i came out of the womb. i felt real relief when i finally wriggled out of my last long-long-termer, but i think i fully expected to fall into something, well, unexpected before no time. that's what's always happened in the past. so i was shocked the other day to realize how much time has gone by since my last relationship ended. why is that? and more importantly, why is that these days, i am totally uninterested in the people who profess interest in me and ultimately disappointed by the ones i date / get to know??? you know what, now that i write that, i see how ordinary these thoughts are. they're all just part of being single and meeting people and probably lots of people feel this way - right?? i guess writing it down is somehow my therapy. so thanks for reading! both of you - hahahaha...