good projects, bad pictures

i need to purge these 2 FOs, even though the pictures don't do them justice...

1st up, a selbu modern. loved this pattern! can't say enough good things about it. knitting this hat was a true delight. in fact, i wanted to knit it so badly that i went to a yarn shop while i was at home in virginia over thanksgiving and bought 2 skeins of koigu and an addi circular needle ($17!!), even though i had yarn and a needle that probably would have worked at home. but i just. couldn't. wait. this is destined to be a gift for my stepsister, who has crazy big curly hair. this will fit her like a normal (non-slouchy, beret-type) hat. rav link

next up, a tomten. this is the sweetest lil jacket. (look at me, tootin' my own horn!). i can't help it - this really did turn out to be darling. it's already being worn by its recipient and i'm hoping that i'll get a modeled picture one day... rav link

in the mill...
i'm currently working on (also rav links):
1) another syncopated cap
2) february lady sweater
3) lotus leaf mittens
4) central park hoodie

it's such a good feeling to finish something, i can't wait for my next FO.

i've got big travels in my future (LA-San Fransisco-Shanghai-Hanoi-other asian destinations). i may be absent for awhile!