i love mountains

i had such a blast this past weekend. i really can't get over how stunning the San Juan mountains are and the skiing... it was amazing. beautiful spring conditions were totally worth a little bit of altitude sickness and a sunburn.

back with knitting soon!


cross that off my list

that's how i felt when i finished my woodland shawl. it's really beautiful (so humble!) and the pattern is great, but i'm relieved to have a project off the needles. i was starting to feel overwhelmed there for a bit. it's time to start finishing things!

up next in the finishing queue:

herringbone mittens (only the thumb of mitten 2 to go!)
gathered pullover (must.knit.sleeves.)
firestarter sock #2
noro scarf

i'm hoping to have one or two of those projects completed by the time i get back from a looong weekend of (driving and) backcountry skiing in Silverton, CO. we've got an awesome hut and a great group of people and... how did i get so lucky?! i'll also be skiing on... drumroll... my brand-new, bad-ass K2 Dawn Patrols!!!! [courtesy awesome boyfriend].

wishing everyone a great weekend!



isle of you

that's the name of the climbing spot where we were last weekend. it was beeeeeee -u-ti-ful! and there were no accidents to report.

the cutest thing is that henry, my dog, gets nervous when i'm climbing and so he waits eagerly at the bottom, looking up and straining to make sure i haven't disappeared into the clouds. that's my boy - always looking out for his number 1! aren't dogs just the coolest??

i have been doing lots of knitting lately and will be reporting on that soon!
hoping everyone out there is healthy and smiling,


not for the squeamish!! look away!

i mentioned in my last post that i had an accident 2 weekends ago. well, i fell lead climbing and while the fall wasn't bad (just scary like always), i managed to get a pretty nasty rope burn.

it looks better now and is healing up nicely. and i had a great day climbing down in cochise this past weekend. no falls, no near-heart attacks, just good, clean fun!

and to soothe away the nightmares you might have over that little wound, let me show you one finished herringbone mitten. is this a no-no? is it like blogging one finished sock? well, i love this mitten and who know when i'll get around to finishing the second one... hopefully soon!

it fits like a... like a.. dang well-fittin' mitten! i will say, though, that i have relatively small hands (with short stumpy fingers) and if they were any larger, these mitts would be a wee bit too snug...


slowly but surely

man am i a slow-ass knitter! this tree jacket seems to be taking forever (and sucking up yarn in a major way). or maybe it's that i have a terrible case of ADD and i've got 14 projects going on at once, so i only work on one given thing very intermittently.. BUT, i will finish this sweater. i tried it on last night and it's looking good, but the body needs a few more inches and then it's on the sleeves. GREAT. LOVE knitting sleeves. also, i think i've used almost 10 balls of knitpicks andean silk so far on the body. good thing the stuff is pretty cheap. i've got 14 balls and the four remaining balls are a different dye-lot. fingers crossed it works out alright...

have a great weekend everyone! i'm on my way to the cochise stronghold to do some climbing. hope i don't injure myself like last weekend... (i will post a picture of last weekend's damage soon - not for the feint of heart)


p.s. as you can see, i'm not using the lace pattern on the body of my tree jacket because i want to be able to wear this without a shirt on underneath. maybe that's why i need so much dang yarn!!