hey! a (really old) FO!

a clapotis! (excuse crappy photobooth picture)

i knit this ages ago from some variegated merino i bought on ebay (100purewool i think). it's soft and cozy and i love it. it lives on the back of my chair at work and i wrap up in it all the time...

some bulleted sidenotes:

- knit on size 8s
- yarn stained my fingers a little
- i used ~ 600 yds i think
- it was a little tedious to knit, but dropping the stitches was fun!
- i got a BIG mouth!


... and i love canyons

ok, this is the last "i love" post for while, i swear... it's just that i've been doing so many cool adventures lately and a mountain-biking trip through canyonlands n.p. is frankly waaaaay more interesting than what i've been knitting on lately (stockinette sleeves = snore).

knitting to come later... promise!



i love rocks too!

i swear i've been knitting. i've just been doing a lot of other things, too. like traveling (just got back from san fransisco and am headed out to utah on thursday), climbing (yay fun!), running (race for the cure), and of course, working like the grad student slave that i am... in fact, i had 3 15-hours days back to back last week and IT SUCKED.

but anyway, back to the knitting. i'm almost done with my firestarter socks. oh wait, have i showed them to you yet??

here's the first sock mid-way through the leg:

i love the yarn and i'm obsessed with the gusset - i just think it's the coolest. however, no one told me that when knitting socks from the toe up, you can't use an ordinary bind-off 'cause it's too tight! dang! so i have to rip and re-bind off the first sock. i will not make the same mistake with the next sock. so which is better: sewn bind off or decrease bind off?? i have big ole legs and these socks need to stretch!

i'm also knitting the sleeves to my gathered pullover - finally! wait, have i showed you that??

i'm raveling it here

anyway, the sleeves seem a little (read: a lot) tight. fingers crossed that i can get them to stretch out with a good block.

and because i mentioned how much i love rocks, here's a picture of a particularly beautiful face. the hike up to the climbing spot was pretty beauty too...