for my little sis with the tiny feet

snuggly malabrigo loafers / slippers!

pattern: malabrigo loafers by cocoknits
yarn: malabrigo worsted, 2 hanks (held doubled)
needles: 2 size 10 circs

these were fairly easy to knit, although it hurt my hands a bit to knit with malabrigo doubled on the 10s. the pattern is great and very inventive. it boggles my mind how such a complicated shape can be reconstructed in a knitting pattern. great fun to see it materialize!

i ordered the leather sole patches from fiber trends and i think they really "make" the loafers. i put them in the mail yesterday - i hope my sis likes them!


At 8:42 AM , Anonymous Tamara said...

so awesome! I dig them...I need a grown-up pair!


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