not for the squeamish!! look away!

i mentioned in my last post that i had an accident 2 weekends ago. well, i fell lead climbing and while the fall wasn't bad (just scary like always), i managed to get a pretty nasty rope burn.

it looks better now and is healing up nicely. and i had a great day climbing down in cochise this past weekend. no falls, no near-heart attacks, just good, clean fun!

and to soothe away the nightmares you might have over that little wound, let me show you one finished herringbone mitten. is this a no-no? is it like blogging one finished sock? well, i love this mitten and who know when i'll get around to finishing the second one... hopefully soon!

it fits like a... like a.. dang well-fittin' mitten! i will say, though, that i have relatively small hands (with short stumpy fingers) and if they were any larger, these mitts would be a wee bit too snug...


At 8:02 AM , Blogger mel said...

Oweeee! Glad it's healing though and that your fall wasn't more serious!

I love your herringbone mitt - great color choice!


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