slowly but surely

man am i a slow-ass knitter! this tree jacket seems to be taking forever (and sucking up yarn in a major way). or maybe it's that i have a terrible case of ADD and i've got 14 projects going on at once, so i only work on one given thing very intermittently.. BUT, i will finish this sweater. i tried it on last night and it's looking good, but the body needs a few more inches and then it's on the sleeves. GREAT. LOVE knitting sleeves. also, i think i've used almost 10 balls of knitpicks andean silk so far on the body. good thing the stuff is pretty cheap. i've got 14 balls and the four remaining balls are a different dye-lot. fingers crossed it works out alright...

have a great weekend everyone! i'm on my way to the cochise stronghold to do some climbing. hope i don't injure myself like last weekend... (i will post a picture of last weekend's damage soon - not for the feint of heart)


p.s. as you can see, i'm not using the lace pattern on the body of my tree jacket because i want to be able to wear this without a shirt on underneath. maybe that's why i need so much dang yarn!!


At 7:02 AM , Blogger evergreenknits said...

Have fun in Cochise!! Mountain Man (husband) and I had just enough time for a morning of sport climbing on Zappa Wall last fall as we were driving through. We definitely plan to go back!

And any chance you can grab some knitting time on the drive there?!


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