rusted root

so this isn't a new FO, but i can't seem to get pictures of it that i like. so i've given up and here are the pictures, for better or worse...

pattern: rusted root from the girls at zephyrstyle
yarn: brown sheep cotton fleece, 3 skeins of blue-grey color (lost the bands)
needles: size 6 bamboo circs
mods: lengthened the torso a bit

let me say i loved knitting this! it was fast and easy, the yarn is great (and cheap!) and the lace keeps it interesting without being frustratingly hard. it fits and i've worn it a few times already. it's comfortable and cute and not too warm, even in the desert with a camisole underneath. so what don't i like about it?? i feel like the style of it makes me look top-heavy. and these photos make it look even worse. [i swear it's cuter in real life!! either that or i'm completely deluded]. i think the reason is that the neckline is too high. i'd like this sweater a lot more if the neckline were a little wider and lower, or just more open in general. that would probably be easy to modify and the next time i knit a top down raglan i will be making sure to check that as i go.

see what i mean about top-heavy?

i do love the color, though... it's oddly kind of true to life in this mirror-shot-at-night.

this is totally off the subject but for some reason i feel an urge to put it out there. i'm not accustomed to being single, having been in one serious relationship or another practically since i came out of the womb. i felt real relief when i finally wriggled out of my last long-long-termer, but i think i fully expected to fall into something, well, unexpected before no time. that's what's always happened in the past. so i was shocked the other day to realize how much time has gone by since my last relationship ended. why is that? and more importantly, why is that these days, i am totally uninterested in the people who profess interest in me and ultimately disappointed by the ones i date / get to know??? you know what, now that i write that, i see how ordinary these thoughts are. they're all just part of being single and meeting people and probably lots of people feel this way - right?? i guess writing it down is somehow my therapy. so thanks for reading! both of you - hahahaha...



At 10:23 PM , Blogger a friend to knit with said...

Love, Love, Love your rusted root!
It looks awesome!


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