well, it's been another busy week here in the desert. between the working and the softball and the trail running and the friends in town, i've barely had a moment to knit... oh, and i went to austin over the weekend for a mini family reunion. tons of fun, but now i need a vacation from my vacation. too much drinking / not enough sleep... i'm feeling totally scattered at the moment, so i need to organize my knitting world. i currently have on the needles:

1) fad classic
2) basalt tank (nearing completion - hoping it will look like this)
3) silk garden scarf (sort of like this one, only more rainbow colors - it's for a child)

wait... that can't be it, is that it??

i've recently finished my drops lace cardigan (here it is blocking):

i'm very proud of this one. i can't wait to get some decent pictures of it dry so you can see how pretty it is up close and see the lace pattern. i was nervous about knitting a DROPS pattern because no one seems to do it, but this went pretty smoothly. i'll post details once i get pictures of the finished finished object.

i also finished the other debbie bliss sock with cables down the sides. those are already in a drawer since it's a tad hot in the SW right now and looking at a wool sock makes me hyperventilate.

next up i'm thinking of knitting this (free at IK):

i wish the pictures weren't so washed out. i like the shape of the top and it looks so easy to wear, but i'm thinking of doing it in a blue color and perhaps leaving off the little cap sleeves. plus, my lys carries berroco cotton twist and touche and they're reasonably cheap. (i'm on a kick where i use the called-for yarns - not very original i know..)

finally, i will leave you with a picture of what can happen when things go wrong playing softball. ouch! this was a real zinger. almost 2 weeks have past since i was beaned with the ball and i still have a monster of a bruise. you could even see the laces of the ball in my arm. i'm not gonna lie, i wore this bruise with pride. we were league champs again after all!

back soon with pics of the cardigan and the basalt tank, i hope!



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