the inappropriate and stupid knitting continues...

i think i mentioned it was one hunnerd n a zillion degrees outside and i was knitting wool socks. yes, i believe i did.. once i realized how silly that was..., i moved onto knitting thick wool hats. makes sense. so, without further ado, i present to you the thick-wool-hat-with-a-pom-pom:

you know you've reached an all-time low when your new cutie knitted hat has to pose on a lampshade. i took a picture of it on my head, but you could see beads of sweat dripping down my forehead, sort of dribbling out of the brim. ugh.

yarn: 1 skein manos (every last scrap), in a celery green color
pattern: LMKG basic ribbed brim hat
size: women's
needles: size 9, 16" addis, size 9 bamboo dpns

i love the color, i love the thick-n-thin, i love the pom-pom. this will be cute and cozy and snuggly on a cold winter's day. therefore, it will be gifted to someone who lives in place where winter actually happens.

in other news, i've made big progress on the syncopated cap. i really adore doing stranded color work and i love seeing the pattern emerge. this is my first colorwork project, however, and i was carrying the contrast color too tightly and so the green areas look kind of bunched up. i hope it will block out / stretch out when worn!

i have lots more to post about, so i'll be back soon!



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