it's all gonna be okay

i got something in the mail that makes everything all right. all the working and the exhausting schedule and the grumpiness? gone. my box from WEBS arrived!!! happy happy happy day! henry has to inspect the minute it's opened:

everything passed the sniff test - that's great. then i shooed him away cuz i wanted to enjoy the yarn for 2 seconds before it became covered in cat and dog hair. damn animals.

the purple yarn on top is tahki cotton classic destined to become a fad classic. i'm hoping it will turn out like this one. the color is similar, i think... and i am loving the color - so saturated and rich and warm. the minute i opened the box, i pulled out a skein, wound it up and started swatching, but my swatch is coming out way too small - think i'm gonna have to switch needles and play around with this a bit.

(by the way, the tahki cotton is sitting on top of an opera scarf made with debbie bliss pure silk - i just dont have to gumption to work on it).

if you peek beneath the purple yarn, you'll find this:

several balls of rowan wool cotton in a mocha color and some dive autumno - my new favorite hat yarn - it will later become a hat with ear flaps and maybe a pom-pom or 2... the wool cotton - what is it for, you ask?? what else but the basalt tank from knitting nature! i was never attracted to this pattern until i saw it here. i am such a copy-cat. i saw MLE's fad classic and had to make it, then i saw kelp!'s basalt tank and had to make that. seeing kelp!'s tank really made me wonder why i hadn't thought to make half hexagons on the sides too! i never liked the way the hexagons draped down on the sides but i liked everything else about the pattern. as you can see from the ball bands in the box, i've already started this project, too. so far i've made the front hex and am working on side hex numero2. pictures to come on that. i've sent an email about joing the knitting nature KAL so i'm hoping to stay motivated to finish it up soon!

well, i do unfortunately have to work this weekend but i hope the rest of you out there are having a grand time!

~ r


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