spring in the desert

i thought i had killed everything but amazingly i didn't!!! i have a black thumb. i can kill a cactus - in the desert - where it's supposed to live - without help from humans... sometimes i'm dumbfounded by how happy and healthy my pets are - see:

well, i don't know how happy the cat is, but henry the doggie is having a grand time...

anyway, last fall i re-landscaped my front yard with an automated drip irrigation system and native, drought-resistant plants and all sorts of green goodness. and then the winter came round and things froze. i thought all my new plants weren't strong enough or big enough to make it, but they survived - all of them!!

mexican honeysuckle...

and a potted succulent... [and chihuahuan sages and baja fairy dusters and birds of paradise and red yuccas and thornless desert spoons and purple hopbushes and, well, now i'm just showing off that i know the names of all those plants!]

next post i'll hopefully have finished pics of my drops lace cardigan - it fits!



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