it's 107 degrees outside...

... so why am i knitting wool socks?

1) because i am retarded
2) because i am turning into a knitting-weirdo (i've stopped telling my friends about my projects cuz now they just kind of roll eyes at each other and mumble 'oooo-kaaaay')
3) because koigu is so soft and pretty
4) because i am still shocked to discover that i want to - and enjoy - knitting socks. even though i don't wear socks 350 days out of the year
5) because sock yarn is so awesome
6) because weaving in ends and blocking my basalt tank seems like a total pain in the butt and i don't want to do it
7) because socks are little and cute and i have a slight obsession with things that are little and cute (or miniature versions of big things). god help me if i have chitt-lins. i will probably buy them like 50000 pairs of cute little baby shoes

i'm off to go stick my head in the freezer for a second and enjoy the feeling of evaporating sweat and salt crust forming on my face. mmmm

happy weekends everyone!


At 10:14 PM , Blogger amber said...

awesome! I don't mention my knitting much to friends either :) great sock!


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