help! in need of a vacation...

... or maybe just a lobotomy so i wouldn't know how much it sucks to be sitting in a basement lab at 9.30 running a machine and silently mourning the fact that i'll be here for hours more. my work life has been insane lately - i won't bore you with the details. suffice to say getting a phd in the sciences (or any field no doubt) is a LOT of work and what i'm doing requires field work (the fun part) followed by endless amounts of lab work (in part what i'm doing now -ick) and writing (ick ick ick ick ick i hate writing science papers). at least i have my knitting. not that i've been able to do any knitting lately. i hate you grad school. but before i got all hatey and grumpy i did manage to finish something that had been lingering on the needles for an eternity... the melody's shawl from morehouse merino!

it took a long time because it's made of like 40000000 yds of laceweight merino knit around and around in stockinette (it's cut open in the end to make the fringe - so cool) - but it was the best thing for those nights when i wanted to knit but i didn't want to think about what i was knitting. i could just sit there and go around and around and around. the only frustrating thing was that i had to knit a ton to actually see any progress being made (i.e. shawl getting larger / gigantic ball of laceweight getting smaller). i absolutely love the finished product, though, so it's all been worth it! it's a little on the long side, but so light and springy and spongy and warm i don't mind wrapping it a couple of times around the neck. the kit isn't that expensive - $30? $35? and worth every penny in my opinion. ETA: the kit is $38.

well, better get back to my work... yay.


p.s. lobotomy's are creepy and really scare the sh out of me. or maybe it's just the whole old-fashioned medical science - so much superstition and hocus-pocus...


At 3:49 PM , Blogger weaverknits said...

Yeah, I'd rather have a bottle in fronta me than a frontal lobotomy. heh heh. I just read your post on the Knitting Nature blog, and am looking forward to seeing some shots of the Ram's Horn Jacket (something I'd like to make myself).

In the meantime, that scarf is AWESOME. I've looked at their kits but haven't purchased one yet... that's going to change. What colorway is yours?

At 4:09 PM , Blogger rockbridge said...

thanks! i looooove the melody's scarf / shawl and i recommend the kit. i think i bought the 'grand canal' colorway and although it was a lot darker and more earthly than it appeared on their website, i really liked it.


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