my first sock

i always swore that i would never knit a sock, mainly because i don't wear socks very often (my feet get claustrophic), but also because 1) tiny needles, tiny yarn; 2) you have to make 2; 3) they just didn't seem like fun... but they are fun!! i had a great time making this sock - i don't even remember how / when the urge hit me to start it, but it was a fast knit on size 3s and i found the construction intriguing. for you sockies out there, it was knit on dpns from the top down with a short row heel.

pattern: debbie bliss simple living
yarn: RY cashsoft dk in a pale blue
needles: size 3 plymouth bamboo dpns

the good: they fit! no big problems, yarn is super soft - in fact, i can't wait to make a hat out of some greens and greys that i have. i love that they're more or less plain but have the cable up the side. and they're machine washable - yay!!

the bad: the holes in the heel. the pattern instructions just tell you to turn (and not wrap and turn) when working the short row heel. i guess i could have foreseen that / figured it out soon if i had really thought it through... oh well, it really doesn't bother me all that much since the socks are kinda thick and are good for scuffling around the house and not as much to be worn with shoes.

the last words: i will make more socks! and i have to admit that i've always been a little obsessed with sock yarn (i even bought some koigu the other day because i couldn't resist it) so i'm glad to have something to do with it! next time, though, i'm knitting them from the toe up on 2 circs.

i'm off to start the second sock!

~ r


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