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i am officially obsessed with this book. it's so bad i can't finish one project without wanting to run out and get yarn for something else. in need of a fast project, i decided to knit the droplet hat at the end of the book. i used the called-for yarn (again - this is amazing - i usually sub the yarn and choose poorly):

a day later i finished the hat...

and decided i didn't like it. it's a little too small. i like a hat that covers my head and that i can snug down over my ears. since i ride my bike everywhere, it's got to be warm and snug. plus it kind of reminds me of a bathing cap that a woman in the 50s would wear. not sure why. so i'm going to frog it and try knitting a modified version of Wendy at Knit and Tonic's natty. i'll have to change it a bit because the gauge is much different. i don't care for mine to be reversible so i'm leaving that out too. i've basically rewritten the pattern for what i want to make and i'm nervous. it'll kill me to knit two hats out of this yarn (which i loooove) and not like either of them.

also, i'm putting my celery-colored pure silk to use, making an open-work scarf. the pattern is from blue sky alpacas, called the opera scarf (it was a free pattern, but i couldn't find it on their website just now).

hope everyone's having a great weekend!


p.s. oh, and i'm desperate to buy some supermerino and make this.

p.p.s. i'm off to buy a pair of cleats (i joined a softball league), as well as a new pair of sneakers since my @#(! dog ate mine...


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