screw christmas... just kidding

even though i live in the desert and the only way you would know it's holiday time is by the occasional santa hat stuck on the top of a saguaro cactus, i felt filled with the christmas spirit the other day. so on my way home, i steered my bike by the lys and bought some really nice ella rae wool. this yarn is a great deal (nice soft 100% wool at $6.75 / 220yds). anyway, i was going to make some cutie christmas ornaments a la the ones made by this lovely knitter. but when i tried to make them, they (it - i only stuffed one) looked ugly and lumpy and bumpy and not round, with ends hanging out everywhere. see fo yoself:

i must be the messiest knitter out there! maybe it's because i stuffed the ornament with batting that my dog pulled out of his latest chew toy, which he eviscerated in a very scary way. anyway, i'm not feelin the ornaments (they're from handknit holidays, by the way), so instead i'm going to use the yarn to make knit and tonic's quicko - cheapo. it should be perfect for that!

pictures of my long-ago finished rusted root coming soon. i loved that pattern and i actually wear it... outside of my house.

happy weekends everyone!


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