what was i thinking...!?

when i sat down and ordered a pair of $180 boots that i can't afford?? but aren't they so cute? i'm hoping i won't regret the splurge once they arrive and i try them on and love love love them! they're danskos, and i've got my fingers crossed that they'll be as comfortable as the clogs that i've worn to stringy leather threads...

i've had very little time for knitting lately but what i do have, i've spent toiling away on my DROPS lace cardigan. does anyone ever knit patterns from the DROPS site? i feel like this stupid little girl who doesn't know any better and there's a big world of knit bloggers just shaking their heads sadly saying to themselves 'it's a mistake she'll just have to make and learn from...' i'm sort of kidding, but really, why hasn't anyone knitted any drops stuff?? here's what i'm making and a peek at what i've been up to. real pictures to come.

i'm knitting the sweater with silky wool on size 6s (size 5 for the ribbing) in an earthy green color. i think the yarn is perfect for this project. i just love silky wool and silky tweed, but i've said that before... i've finished the body and am about half way through one sleeve so if i can keep focused on this project and not get all twitchy and ADD, i might even finish before christmas!!



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