im back

i wasn't sure about the whole blogging thing. i love reading other people's blogs (does that make me a stalker?) and i especially love looking at all the beautiful photos that people post. it's all very voyueristic which is why i love blogs so much and also why i feel nervous about continuing mine. what if people i know see it? will that embarrass me? do i want strangers knowing what i look like? what i am like? it makes me so proud and so envious of all of you out there sharing your lives and your accomplishments - i wish i could be so brave!

so i was browsing through my blog contemplating getting rid of the whole thing when i saw i had a comment at the bottom of one of my posts and i got so excited and kind of nervous, too. turns out it was a sweet comment from one of my fave bloggers, Jenna of cinemaknits, encouraging me to keep posting. so i will - thanks Jenna! its funny, but that one little comment really turned things around for me and i feel a renewed ability to put myself out there... a little bit...

so in that spirit i am posting some pictures of myself -
from behind

this was taken in my new home office just moments after assembling my desk

and from the side

this was taken driving up to northern Arizona with my best friend

and from far away

this was taken with best friend in No. AZ

one day i'll be brave enough to post a picture head on and upclose... maybe...

lots has happened knitting-wise since my last post so i'll be trying to catch the blog up with FOs and pictures and updated links in the side bar. thanks to all who may be reading - i look forward to continuing with my own little personal digital therapy.

~ r


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