rainy days

are good for knitting. and sitting. and daydreaming about people far away that you'd really like to see. and make out with... so, i'm settling for knitting today. i finished the cabled hat i was working on. i love making hats, they're so quick and easy and cheap. this one was for a coworker and since i've already given it away, there will be no pics with it on a head. not that you'd want to see my greasy mug today - trust me.

hat details: cabled headhugger, pattern here. knit on 16" size 8 takumi bamboo circs and size 8 bamboo crystal palace dpns. yarn is a worsted merino from 100purewool - very, very soft. their yarn and service are fabulous, by the way. although i should warn you that the color ran out when blocking and even stained my fingers a little. if i had it to do all over again, though, i would have chosen a solid-colored yarn for cables - they just don't pop out the way i had hoped with this stripey stuff. also, should i knit this again (which i think i will), i would make the ribbing at the bottom shorter and the hat overall a little longer.

i've also made substantial progress on carla. the back and the front and now finished and i'm moving on to the sleeves. i've only got 2.5 balls of yarn left, though, so i'll be trying to squeak out 2 little short sleeves for this one...

(the purple color in the closeup is more true to real life)
back to my daydreaming...



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