spare change

i overheard an add on tv the other day that coinstar will no longer take its percentage cut so long as your turn your change into gift certificates. 2 of the places issuing those certificates were amazon and itunes. really? for those who don't know, coinstar is a machine that is located usually in local supermarkets. the idea is that you bring in your loads of spare change laying around the house, dump it all in the machine, it counts your change and spits back paper cash at you - minus about 9% of your total amount. well, i'm one of those people who's got buckets upon buckets of brassy-smelling change lying around. now, my change consists mostly of pennies because in moments of desperation - out of cash and dying for an espresso or ball of yarn - i'll comb through the dishes and bags and old coffee cans and skillfully extract every last quarter... and dime. sometimes i'll even grab at the nickels, but those are really depressing days i don't like to talk about... anyway, i've always thought "F you coinstar! i can count my own damn change and keep the value of all 100% of it!! i don't care if i have to go buy those stupid paper rolls and spend all day counting and stacking my pennies, at least at the end of the day i'll have $4.50 and not $4.05!" so when i learned that you can use coinstar's amazing coin counting capabilities free of charge by turning your change in gift cards, i was happy, happy, happy. i'm hoping to have enough change lying around to be able to order Knitting Nature from amazon. i've been drooling over this for a while now and i. must. have. it.

back with some actual knitting later!


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