another year gone by

well, today is my birthday and i think i've magically crossed that time when birthdays stop being fun and start seeming a little scary. can it be that a whole nother year's gone by? why is it that time seems to accelerate as you get older? i can remember being younger and feeling that the four years of high school lasted an eternity and now i toss around years like they're nothing - no time at all. I startled myself the other day by casually saying: 'not long... maybe a couple of years...'

a couple of years!!!! that used to be a lifetime!!

in knitting news, i've finally got a pic of the finished katia sweater.

there are a few problems with this sweater, of course (god! will i ever make a sweater that fits properly?!). first of all, the neck is seriously wide and flash-dancy. i have to wear it with a camisole underneath, which was never my intention. second, it poofs above the ribbed bottom band - exactly where you don't want any poof. if i was going for that look, i'd stick some lumpy socks into the waistband of my pants - that'd look great. and third, the sleeves are not too flattering, although the sleeves on my sweater and very much like those on the model, so i should have seen that coming. i'll try to post a full view of it later...

i just returned from a work trip where we cruised around parts of wyoming, utah and colorado. although we only passed through them, i am now officially in love with the uinta mountains - they are so beautiful. they're high, lush, rugged, glaciated, full of alpine lakes and meadows, sprinkled with wildflowers, fresh and cold. if i had had the gear with me, i would have insisted on being left there for a few days to explore. i'll just have to go back some day...

oh, and i saw moose - 3 of them!

most of my pictures can't come near to capturing the beauty of the place, but i do have a couple of some falls that we checked out:

while on this trip, i got some knitting done on the somewhat cowl.

i finally got to try it on and it's a little loose-fitting through the rib cage, but i'm not giving up hope. eventually i will make a sweater that fits well, right? while it's frustrating to not make wearable garments, i will continue to try, for the trying and making is the fun part... and i'm getting closer and closer to success with every attempt. i think.



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