guess what the other f stands for???

i'm tired and i'm sick of working and i really just want to move to a peaceful little A-frame house in the mountains by a creek and make stuff and be outside. instead i'm spending the summer commuting back and forth to an office lit with flourescent lights (half of which are not working). and i HATE flourescent lights. they suck all the good juju out of me. i work for big oil. they got money, right? apparently not enough for a goddamn incandescent light bulb.

i was complaining to my dearest most creative most beautiful friend (L - if you ever see this - hi!) the other night that i'm not sure i like the routine of waking up at the buttcrack and wearing high heels every day. she said "you wear high heels!? sell out!". she was only kidding, but i got to thinking about it and, while i hate having to wear them every day, i do actually like me some high heels and think they're purty. so i took some pics of them and here they are:

but moving right along... to the knitting...

before i head out for the night, here's the latest in cozy knitting-land (where i wish i could spend most of my days).

the fuzzing chunky green yarn i posted a pic of last time is being worked into a rib-brimmed hat (pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts - my fave book) for a friend, and the somewhat cowl is coming along. to prove it...

hope everyone is getting ready to have a fantastic weekend full of sunshine and laughs!
~ r


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