(EZ) finishing frenzy

i've been in a finishing frenzy and it feels so good! it's such a relief to get some knits finished and off the needles. was i stressed out about it before?? not sure, but i was definitely feeling like i didn't deserve to cast on for something new. i'll be trotting out my new FOs soon, but it just occurred to me that i haven't even blogged about what those FOs will be! i put the projects up on ravelry and then forgot all about them.. shame..

the first is an EZ seamless yoke pullover. i loosely followed the "pattern" from knitting without tears, but i modified the yoke so that i had many decrease rounds and not just 2 severe k1,k2tog rounds. i was hoping that would keep the yoke from puckering, but i'm not sure it worked. here's what it looked like while i was knitting the body:

i'll keep the yoke a surprise. i can't wait to show you the finished product. i'm really happy with this one!

the second FO coming down the shoot (also from EZ's knitting without tears) is a 'lil baby tomten for the bf's new nephew. this little jacket is so cute and little and squooshy it just brings out my warm and fuzzy side. i've got one more toggle button to sew on and it's done! oh, and i would like to make all future baby knits out of str heavyweight. it is awesome stuff.

i'm so happy that we're back to fall sweater season - i can't wait to see what everyone is making!


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Interesting to know.


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