i've been out of town and completely out of contact for the last 6 weeks and it's been, well, kinda nice. i was a teaching assistant at our university's geology field camp in the owens valley, california for a month or so and then i went up to northern utah to do some climbing and a river trip on the green river through lodore canyon. it was STUNNING!! i can't wait to get the pictures up and show you a few. the trip was 4 days and i paddled the river in a super-nice, top-of-the-line ducky (inflatable kayak) and had the time of my life! in fact, it was so much fun that after we took of the river, we went and got a permit to run the daily stretch again the following day. as much as i love rivers and whitewater, it's a cryin' shame that i live in the desert. ah well... there are gorgeous rocks and canyons here, too. and now that the monsoon has begun, pretty soon those canyons will be filled with cold, cold water. yayayayay!

in the meantime, i did manage to finish some knitting... i finally completed my firestarter socks and my noro scarf! i also finished an Inga hat (rav link) for my boyfriend, but i don't have a picture of that yet. coming soon...

oh yeah, and i've almost finished a pair of pomatomi. AND, i started a new project, which i will blog about soon. damn webs and their awesome sales!!

hope you're all having a glorious 4th of July. i'm off to beg my way into someone's pool...


At 9:20 AM , Blogger a friend to knit with said...

wow. your trip sounds like it was fantastic.
glad you had a great time!
i am in love with your socks! the pattern AND the colorway.


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