red rock getaway

after an unbelievable amount of tedious harassment, we finally cashed in on our FREE trip to vegas. (i'll spare you the details, but it was one of those time-share sales pitches where they advertise free trip to vegas for just showing up! i think we're part of the 1% that actually gets / takes the free trip). anyway, our trip was very short but so much fun. we were excited about vegas because we both really wanted to climb at the neighboring red rock. think gorgeous desert canyons and massive sandstone slabs.... it was beautiful. and we had the place to ourselves.

first creek slabs

we settled on a long and committing (but easy) climb called lady luck, which turned out to be very appropriate, as we both ended up winning money at the black jack table... we had perfect weather (a little on the hot side, but not bad), good moods, and quite an adventure. the climb was 1000' and 7 pitches of good, clean, fun. (the descent was not so easy, but we survived nonetheless). after a long day of hiking, climbing and scrambling around, we treated ourselves to a fancy italian dinner with our blackjack earnnings. it was a near-perfect couple of days... and now for pictures:

first creek canyon

following a pitch

leading a pitch

view from near the top

bye red rock!

i'm soo close to finishing some big (knitted) projects - they're coming soon!


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Beautifull pictures!



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