new yarns, new project

this is to make a koolhaas for a friend of mine who is moving to NYC. *sniffle*

this is for a pair of socks (duh), but i don't know what pattern to use. something simple, since it's going to have crazy rasta-like stripes. any suggestions? i don't have a single idea...

and this lump is the beginning stages of a montana tunic (rav link). i LOVE this yarn (Queensland Kathmandu DK). i should really buy more if it's still on sale at WEBS. i'm pretty psyched on the pattern, too. but i need to find a way to make it long-sleeved. this might be hard given the somewhat unique construction of the sweater, but i'm going to try anyway.

i've got a long trip to joshua tree tomorrow, so i'm hoping to get in some valuable knitting time in the care. yippee!


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