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Man is this summer flying by! I'm freaked that it's already the end of July. I hate to see the summer slip by so quickly, especially when I'm having this much fun! I took a short trip last weekend to Joshua Tree N.P. with the b-friend, who was driving out that way to do some field work. We made a detour though the park and got in 2 days of amazing (and sweltering) climbing, before heading to L.A. to see his bro and some friends.

He stayed out to complete his work and I flew back to AZ to continue with my own (big scary paper deadlines looming!). Coming back I got stuck in Phoenix because they had oversold my flight. I was superly-mega annoyed, but in the end, I only had to wait around for an hour - and I got a free roundtrip ticket for my inconvenience. Not a bad deal!

While on the trip / in the car, I was able to finish up my pomatomi. Yes, I really did knit both socks, but I can't find the second one right now. durn. You might notice my sock sitting on sawhorse. That's because there is a lot of demolition and remodeling going on at my house - exciting stuff! But I shall save that for another post...

Hoping you all had terrific weekends!


At 10:18 AM , Blogger Specs said...

I, too, have a loan Pom that has no mate. Those things are elusive.


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