the ups and downs...


cute elisa's nest tote
yarn: brown sheep cotton fleece and tahki cotton classic leftovers
needles: size 8 straights and size 6 dpns for i-cord handles
source: the purl bee

loved it enough to quickly start another with some leftover peaches 'n cream

a very promising koolhaas


alas, i finished the koolhaas last night and it's too short. i can't pull the ribbing all the way down over my ears and that drives me mad! i'm devastated. especially because i found the knitting to be rather long and tedious, but i endured because i was loving the look of the traveling twists. i'm worried that ripping back and re-establishing myself in the pattern is going to be really hard. maybe i could undo the CO edge and add more ribbing? not sure what to do...

still, it feels good to at least finish a few things :)

and, i did get to do some great climbing the other day. five pitches up rappel rock. 'twas marvelous!

the easy, low-angle finish to the top

view looking up the second pitch (also pretty easy, but FUN!)


At 5:31 AM , Blogger a friend to knit with said...

first of all. your climbing skills totally amaze me!
very cool.
second. i LOVE those market totes. very very cute.
i have yet to make one. but need to!
third. so sorry about your koolhas. i would pick up along the cast on edge. (instead of take out) and add so ribbing there. hope it all works out.


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