taking shape

i've pretty much been working around the clock lately, but in those few stolen moments, here's what i've eeked out:

central park progress!

i'm finishing the last sleeve now and will seam up and knit the hood soon. i'm feeling very motivated to get this done.

lotus mittens (front)


this was my travel project. i've finished one mitten (minus the thumb) and am partway through the second. this mitten looks crumply because it's been folded and shoved in a bag for a long time, but i think it will block out nicely. the pattern is beautiful and very fun to knit - thanks to elliphantom for another great project!

i also snuck out of the lab for about 30 hours last week to participate in a 24-hour mountain bike race. i was the proud captain of a team of 4 rockin women. what a cool event - we had a blast!! other than a 4.5 hour lap due to a broken derailleur and 4 flats (aaaaarrggghhh!), it was smooth sailing. :)

in other news, i'm busy trying to get a job and finish a phd. turns out it's a shitload of work. i miss my knitting!!


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