a couple of months ago, i posted about pipe dreams and purling plans' 3-day breast cancer walk. although it's taken me forever to do so, i'm happy to report that not only did mel complete the walk and raise a ton of money for a great cause, but also that i won a prize in her fundraising raffle! my first blog "win"!! and i could not be more excited about what i got.. check it out - a beautiful, soft, lucious skein of malabrigo lace. in my favorite color, no less... thanks mel!

malabrigo really is the sh*@ - it's worthy of all the hype

i'm thinking of maybe making a small muir (rav). what would you do with a skein of malabrigo lace?


At 5:52 PM , Blogger mel said...

Ooh, a Muir :) That would be very nice!! I'm so glad that you are so happy with it!! :) Thank you for all of your support, you were so kind and encouraging!


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