wow, it's been a long time!

holy mama i haven't blogged since december 17th. oops. i've been a busy gal, i guess. i went home to the SE for christmas, where i had a great time with family and old friends. then, i went to santa fe for some backcountry skiing over new years. i got this kickass video camera for christmas and i have some neat ski videos, but i'm not sure how to post them here. hmm... i'll see if i can figure it out...

after returning from santa fe, i went to steamboat with a group of fun peeps for a week of skiing in some of the most amazing powder i've ever seen. we got almost 2 feet of fresh snow every day for the last few days i was there. incredible. i even managed to completely bury myself once.

the skiing was awesome and the snow was beautiful.

since returning from steamboat, i've been working like a maniac and doing some climbing on the side. last weekend, we did a 5 pitch climb up a spire called chimney rock. it was lovely.

and lest you think i've forgotten about knitting, not so.. i have lots of WIP pics, but i'm going to spread them out a bit. for now, i'll just show you my latest obsession.

herringbone mittens. i love this pattern - thanks so much elliphantom!!

i'll be back with more knitting soon soon soon! i'm getting close to an FO or 2...

happy weekends everyone,


At 1:31 PM , Blogger elli said...

You're welcome! :)


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