this is a 1st for me!

holy shit i made a swatch.... and i blocked it!!

i reeeaaaallly want my gathered pullover to fit and to be fabulous, so i'm going all out in an attempt to make a sweater that actually fits that i will actually wear. i'm knitting it with knit picks telemark and so even though i went crazy and bought 14 balls of it (wtf was i thinking??!!), it only cost me ~$27 - not bad! the color i'm using is called royal heather, which is plum-purple (i thought it would be more blue). i got gauge (after blocking) on size 7s and i'm knitting the 36" size. it's knit in the round from the bottom up, so i don't have more than 6 inches of curled up stockinette to show you at the moment. i will post a picture once i get to the cool cable part. if you're on ravelry, there are some really awesome FOs of this sweater there. this one is my favorite (ravelry link).

i'm desperately trying to finish my woodland shawl before the 23rd for a christmas gift and i've got a couple of hats to make for my good guy buddies who kept my dog for my while i was in SF. (my interview went really well, btw!). apparently, while henry the dog was at their house, he learned some bad habits, like lying on the couch.

look at him trying to look all cute. he seems to be saying to me: "oh mama please don't yell at me, don't make me move, look how cute and snuggled up i am on the couch. it's cold in here and i'm lonely when you're in the other room working on the computer. in fact, maybe you could come over and pet me a little??" so now henry gets to hang on the futon all he wants. i am such a sucker.

i just spent the last 2 days skiing up in northern arizona - there was good snow!! i hope to post a picture of that soon - there were some nice views...



At 3:09 PM , Blogger mel said...

I love that pattern - it will be fun to see how yours turns out :) Congrats on the great interview!


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